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If you are a poultry farmer, or have an interest in poultry, then this is of particular importance, given the recent release of the proposed Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines. The public consultation papers include a draft standard which marks a significant step in Australia, moving from the existing voluntary system to national regulation.

The ABC news is reporting that the RSPCA is encouraging its supporters to oppose the proposal. Good animal husbandry and practice is based on facts and continual observation, not knee jerk, overly emotional approaches. Animal activists are not particularly interested in how people care for animals, or in feeding families, as their end goal is to remove animal products, including animal ownership, which they consider as exploitation of animals.

This is a timely reminder that you have the opportunity to request clearer, straight forward standards with regard to compliance with poultry practices that are easy to understand, within reason to be adhered to, and don’t require a wide array of interpretations by auditors. Please read between the lines and consider the proposal carefully.

Australians’ freedoms to live and prosper are being fundamentally challenged with increasing regulation, some regulation being driven by one-eyed animal “expert” zealots with hostile agendas. So we ask that you read the draft and consider the wider implications. Respond to it, as there are people who are mobilising responses in numbers to make it more difficult to maintain a flock, run a farm and also to enjoy your poultry hobby, all because they take a different view, with regard to animals and their care.

I would encourage you to read the three public consultation documents and provide a submission as an individual or part of a group up to 26th February 2018. Submissions are by email publicconspoultry@animalhealthaustralia.com.au or by post. You can find the link the proposed standards and guidelines here.