Healthy Flock? Go with your gut

Growing international concern over antimicrobial resistance is forcing poultry producers across the world to look at new ways of maintaining production levels and keeping birds healthy. Glenneis Kriel heard from two feed and nutrition experts about the importance of good gut health.Безопасные SEO эксперименты Antimicrobial growth promoters have been used for more than 60 years to boost animal growth and feed efficiency in many countries. It is thought that most of these benefits come from suppression of the population of [...]

Free Range Labelling Under Threat Due to Bird Flu – Europe

Poultry in Europe have been forced indoors to protect them from a dangerous type of avian influenza. However EU rules mean that if the birds are ordered indoors for more than twelve weeks their products can no longer be listed as free range. European countries are facing the real and potential loss of free range status, the National Farmers Union’s Chief Poultry advisor Gary Ford wrote: “The impact that this will have on the British free range poultry industry has [...]

Biosecurity App

FarmBiosecurity is a free app that enables you to create a biosecurity plan. The app is an effective tool using six biosecurity essentials with an Action Planner. Simply select the actions that apply to you or type in your own actions. Your selections then become a to-do list that you can share with others or email to yourself and print out. The app is a free, portable biosecurity plan ready to view, even without internet access. Attach photos as reminders for later [...]

Biosecurity know how

It makes good sense to reduce the risk of spreading pests or disease. Farm Biosecurity has produced a range of videos to assist in creating ‘on farm’ processes and practices to instil into your daily routines. Once good practice is a habit, it has long lasting benefits.. see more (external site)

Free Range Egg Labelling – Have your say

On 31 March 2016, Consumer Affairs Ministers agreed to the introduction of an information standard requiring eggs labelled as ‘free range’ to have been laid by hens that had meaningful and regular access to an outdoor range, and were subject to an outdoor stocking density of 10,000 hens per hectare or less. The information standard will require producers to prominently disclose the outdoor stocking density of hens laying free range eggs on their packaging allowing consumers to easily compare different [...]

Plucky ideas for feathers

The extraction of keratin protein from chicken feathers poses an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to rid the poultry industry of waste. Glenneis Kriel reports. Poultry consumption generates more than five million tons of feathers a year. Demand for this by-product is unfortunately low, with most of it ending up being burned, buried or ground up as feed for livestock. The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in South Africa, along with the University of KwaZulu-Natal, is however researching [...]

Hens and Trees

When designing any kind of system or service it is important to see it from the user’s point of view. We believe the same is true for animal agriculture. When McDonald’s UK tasked us with improving their egg supply chain we started our process by understanding the McDonald’s Hens and Trees We discovered that our ordinary chicken’s ancestor was a South East Asian jungle fowl. It lived and flourished under the canopy of trees. This varied environment allowed the chicken [...]


It is well known that storing eggs longer than 7 days decreases the hatchability. In fact, the longer eggs are stored, the higher the losses in hatchability (Figure 1). Stored eggs have a higher rate of 
embryonic mortality between days 2 and 3 of incubation, and need more time to complete incubation…Read moreМарши лестниц

Increase Vitamin E Absorption

Adding whole eggs to a colourful salad boosts the amount of Vitamin E the body absorbs from the vegetables, according to research from Purdue University. “Vitamin E is the second-most under-consumed nutrient in the average American diet, which is problematic because this fat-soluble nutrient has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties,” said Wayne Campbell, a professor of nutrition science. “Now consumers can easily improve their diets by adding eggs to a salad that boasts a variety of colourful vegetables.” Jung Eun Kim, a [...]