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Tests for poultry diseases in Australia

Chicken disease pops up with a sick hen or a mystery illness going through the chicken flock. There are many chicken diseases that have similar symptoms and treatment can be like a guessing game. It helps to examine chicken disease using differential diagnosis. This is because mostly these diseases have a lot of common symptoms. The trick is to see the differences which distinguish each disease. Many times this will inadequate because the disease will actually be several diseases at [...]


Healthy Flock? Go with your gut

Growing international concern over antimicrobial resistance is forcing poultry producers across the world to look at new ways of maintaining production levels and keeping birds healthy. Glenneis Kriel heard from two feed and nutrition experts about the importance of good gut health. Antimicrobial growth promoters have been used for more than 60 years to boost animal growth and feed efficiency in many countries. It is thought that most of these benefits come from suppression of the population of microbes in [...]


How do you tell a chick’s temperature?

There are several options to measure the chicks’ temperature and to see whether it’s normal. Small chicks’ feet must never feel cold when you feel them against your cheek, or better still against your lips or the back of your hand. Cold feet are a sign that the heat from the birds is being sucked away via the surface they are standing on….more


Interactive Chicken Anatomy

Interactive resource on the chicken anatomy. See more An understanding of the anatomy and physiology of birds, and the different body systems found in the bird, is useful when an understanding of how poultry work or function, is sought. Knowledge of bird anatomy (body parts) and physiology (body function) enables the poultry industry to maximise bird performance and maintain good welfare practices. See more