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The quality of the chick is only as good as the quality of the egg!

Incubation and eggs for hatching We are talking about incubation, where the quality of the chick is only as good as the quality of the egg from which it is hatched. A common fallacy is that all eggs have the same nutritional value. Not all eggs have the same ability to produce healthy strong chicks. This is especially true of fowls fed commercial “least cost formulations” and are designed to give sufficient protein, energy, vitamins and minerals to produce maximum [...]



It is well known that storing eggs longer than 7 days decreases the hatchability. In fact, the longer eggs are stored, the higher the losses in hatchability (Figure 1). Stored eggs have a higher rate of 
embryonic mortality between days 2 and 3 of incubation, and need more time to complete incubation…Read more


Best quality hatching eggs

The most important goal of any fertile-egg producer is to be the best, consistent quality supplier of the best quality hatching eggs to the hatcheries. Everything starts at the breeder level, …Uniform hatching eggs of good quality is the result of good breeder management… It starts with the breeder pullets that he receives. Uniform eggs from uniform hens is what the business is all about. The lighting programme should be set so as to stimulate the hens to lay the majority [...]