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Consistent, reliable information for poultry farmers

You’re tired of searching for information on websites or forums that offer random opinions about poultry challenges you are facing. You would like to make informed business and husbandry choices rather than bamboozled by the myriad of opinions that abound. Information from social media, activists, forums and even the opinion of other poultry farmers is not ensured by any accountability or a commitment to researched outcomes. With changes afoot in the poultry industry regarding the poultry welfare code and [...]


Have your say

If you are a poultry farmer, or have an interest in poultry, then this is of particular importance, given the recent release of the proposed Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines. The public consultation papers include a draft standard which marks a significant step in Australia, moving from the existing voluntary system to national regulation. The ABC news is reporting that the RSPCA is encouraging its supporters to oppose the proposal. Good animal husbandry and practice is based on facts [...]


Egg washing

Previous studies have demonstrated that presence of water on the shell surface can undermine the egg’s physical defences. Water contaminated with significant amounts of iron or organic matter enters the egg and the egg’s chemical defences can be compromised. The main line of egg defence is the presence of the cuticle layer that plugs pores and prevents bacterial penetration taking place. Washing eggs can erode the cuticle however the incidence of internal contamination may be reduced significantly provided certain basic rules are followed. [...]