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Bellsouth is a family business, set up in 1980, in Belgrave South where the name Bellsouth was coined. Our aim remains the same – good quality poultry equipment for those with backyard chickens, breeders and farm flocks.
You are welcome to explore Bellsouth’s accessible poultry resources by shopping for a wide range of products in eshop. We also welcome you to access our resources in the form of incubation guides and reminders in Hatchabatch AndroidiTunes app, information and guides on our Bellsouth YouTube channel plus our helpful fact sheets and links on our Bellsouth Resources page to keep you informed and equipped. We do stock a large range and variety of products some of which do not make it online, so you are also welcome to call us as well.

At Bellsouth, we pride ourselves on sourcing the highest quality products from around the world, with a preference for Australian made products wherever possible.  We dedicate ourselves to keeping across the latest developments, whilst maintaining respect for timeless, traditional practices, some of which are still seen as best practice today.