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Backyard Poultry

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Wisefeeder cage type 5kg

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Wisefeeder wall type 5kg

Wise feeder for backyard poultry on Bellsouth YouTube and eshop

Suitable for outdoor use. Rain hood ensures dry feed. Flick grills ensure feed stays in feeder.


Blenheim outdoor feeder 5kg



Blenheim indoor feeders

Drinker options

4007 red lubing cup drinker

4007 red lubing cup drinker

Lubing drinkers for backyard poultry on Bellsouth YouTube

4007 red Lubing cup drinkers are suitable for day old chicks and adult birds. Use one with up to 15 chicks from day old bird up to 5 weeks. The number of birds per cup should then be reduced as the birds grow. Suitable for use in brooders with small numbers of chicks or for broody hens with chicks. One 4007 per 5 adult chooks is recommended. Purchase with the black threaded fittings for use in a tub that takes a tap, regulator or an offset tank.

red Lubing cup drinker



BEC75 drinker

BEC75 hanging drinker

The BEC75 hanging drinker is a small diameter, high quality drinker, suitable for many applications. Suitable for small flocks, from growing stock to adults, bantams, pheasants, partridge etc.

Suitable for up to 50 growers or 5-25 adult chickens.

The BEC75 has a maximum water head of 10′ or 3 metres. Comes with a built in filter and adjustable water level.

Please note: The BEC75 cannot be used direct on mains pressure. You must use a water header tank or MPR6003 regulator to reduce the pressure.

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Cage cup grey

cage cups

Cage cups

Cage cup coloured

Cage cups

Cage cups in up to 9 colours

Cage cup grey on eshop

Cage cup coloured on eshop

Farm flocks

poultry feeders

Poultry feeders

Feeder for farmers – various sizes eshop

Plasson Bell Drinker

Plasson B bell ballast drinkers are a larger diameter drinker unit. Plasson B is ideal for larger numbers of growers, layers, breeders and free range birds. The large ballast bottle minimises movement through bumping, and has an adjustable water level. Effective for hanging from mobile layer units as they hang and are always level.
Stand on the litter for chicks however adjust height to the level of the birds back as they grow.
The maximum water pressure is a water head of 3m or 10 ft. Connect to mains using a water pressure regulator MPR-6003.

Plasson Bell Drinkers for farmers on Bellsouth YouTube

Plasson Bell Drinker information brochure

Plasson Bell Drinker parts

Plasson Bell Drinker exploded view exploded view

PlassonB drinker

PlassonB bell drinker

Saddle connectors 2100030 or 2100050 are options for connection to water supply pipe for multiple installations.

Saddle Connectors

Saddle Connectors


See Plasson B bell drinker