Feeders and Drinkers

Feeders and Drinkers

Feeders, drinkers and cage cups for chicks, chickens, growers, layers, backyard chook feeders and commercial layers and broilers. Quail feeders duck and Turkey feeders as well.

When used properly round hanging feeders are a good choice. The wall mounted, anti-waste feeder or wisefeeder is also a good choice as an outdoor chicken feeder plus has great waste reducing ability. Each feeder has its place, and methods to reduce feed waste such as feed grills.

Backyard Poultry

Wise Feeder

The 5kg Wise Feeder for chooks on their wire chook pen walls. Additional 5kg silos are available. A silo will take the total capacity up to 10kg. Available in green or grey.

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Wisefeeder cage type 5kg

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Wisefeeder wall type 10kg

Wise feeder is a 10kg wall mounted Wise Feeder comes with one silo and wall bracket. Wise Feeder is a must for those looking for a high capacity, slimline feeder to mount to a henhouse or vertical surface.

It has a rain shield to protect the feed and is easy to maintain and clean. The hopper will take all types of free-flowing feed (except mash) and prevents ‘scratching out’ by birds. Wise Feeder prevents vermin accessing your expensive feed. Some images show the feeder with a second wall bracket to create a 15kg feeder.


Blenheim Feeder

Suitable for outdoor use. Rain hood ensures dry feed. Flick grills ensure feed stays in feeder.


Blenheim outdoor feeder 5kg



Blenheim indoor feeders

Choosing a chicken drinker or waterer for hens is a crucial part of owning chickens. The chicken drinker container needs to be designed or at least suitable for your housing and the height of all hens. Ensure the chicken drinker is not easily knocked or easily tipped over by the chickens as water on the floor creates potential for disease or loss of water during a hot day may cause severe dehydration.

Ensure the water is accessible for all hens. Chicken drinker height plays a role in access to water and ensuring debris from cannot easily soil the water. Refreshed, well hydrated hens will drink up to 200ml of water per hen per day. Panting is a sure sign hens are not getting the required levels of water.

Chicken drinker varies in their features and operation, whilst achieving the same goal of giving fresh water with equal access to all hens. Chicken drinkers with a container or ball valve tank will enable you to add vitamins with electrolytes during those challenging times of year before Spring. Add ice cubes during Summer or worming solution in Autumn.

Drinker options

4007 red lubing cup drinker

4007 red lubing cup drinker

Lubing drinkers for backyard poultry on Bellsouth YouTube

4007 red Lubing cup drinkers are suitable for day old chicks and adult birds. Use one with up to 15 chicks from day old bird up to 5 weeks. The number of birds per cup should then be reduced as the birds grow. Suitable for use in brooders with small numbers of chicks or for broody hens with chicks. One 4007 per 5 adult chooks is recommended. Purchase with the black threaded fittings for use in a tub that takes a tap, regulator or an offset tank.

red Lubing cup drinker

Ignition drinker Ignition hanging drinker[/caption]

BEC75 drinker

BEC75 hanging drinker

The BEC75 hanging drinker is a small diameter, high quality drinker, suitable for many applications. Suitable for small flocks, from growing stock to adults, bantams, pheasants, partridge etc.

Suitable for up to 50 growers or 5-25 adult chickens.

The BEC75 has a maximum water head of 10′ or 3 metres. Comes with a built in filter and adjustable water level.

Please note: The BEC75 cannot be used direct on mains pressure. You must use a water header tank or MPR6003 regulator to reduce the pressure.

See drinkers and pricing at Bellsouth eshop

Drinker options for up to 5 hens

There is a large range of drinker choices to choose from. What suits you, may not suit another, so there are many drinker options available. Your constraints are water pressure, chook pen design, what you want and the physical or logistics you have on site.

Different chook waterer options include automatic and manual watering.

Five chooks only need one nipple drinker, or one cup drinker:

The 4001 red cup trigger drinker (with or without saddle). The 4001i (for chicks) and 4001A (for adults and point of lay POL) can take up to 2.5m of water pressure. Otherwise 4001 without a regulator but with a special saddle glued into 15mm pvc pipe and plumbed into your tank.


The 4007 Lubing red cup drinker or the nipples need a Lubing tank or MPR 6001 regulator to offset pressure and some plumbing fittings.

Lubing tank Lubing tank

mpr-6001 with drinker nipple mpr-6001 with drinker nipple

Drinker cup and nipple kits on 20 litre containers that need refilling. The 20 litre containers with a tap have a thread that is compatible with standard 3/4″ drinker elbows. Single red cup drinkers and single nipples are suitable for up to 5 hens.

red Lubing cup drinker red Lubing cup drinkers

Drinker Height Drinker Height

4007DS 4007DS attached to 20 litre refillable container (4010)  for up to 5 hens.

Ignition drinker for 4.5 litres for up to 1-20 hens

Ignition drinker

Ignition hanging drinker

Drinker information page including water pressure article.

See drinkers and pricing at Bellsouth eshop

Drinker options for up to 20 hens

Bellsouth Easy Drinker with regulator for up to 20 hens

Bellsouth easy drinker kit

Bellsouth easy drinker kit

Bellsouth Easy Drinker Kit

Bellsouth Easy Drinker Kit

BEC75 hanging drinker for up to 25 hens

BEC75 hanging drinker

BEC75 hanging drinker[/caption]

BEC biomaster

BEC biomaster

Plasson bell hanging drinker

Plasson B hanging drinker

Plasson B hanging drinker

Triangular hanging nipple drinker for up to 50 hens

Triangle Hanging Drinker

Triangle Hanging Drinker

Ignition drinker for up to 20 hens

Ignition drinker

Ignition hanging drinker

Drinker information page including water pressure article.

See drinkers and pricing at Bellsouth eshop


Cage cup grey

cage cups

Cage cups

Cage cup coloured

Cage cups

Cage cups in up to 9 colours

Cage cup grey on eshop

Cage cup coloured on eshop

Farm flocks

poultry feeders

Poultry feeders

Feeder for farmers – various sizes eshop

Plasson Bell Drinker

Plasson B bell ballast drinkers are a larger diameter drinker unit. Plasson B is ideal for larger numbers of growers, layers, breeders and free range birds. The large ballast bottle minimises movement through bumping, and has an adjustable water level. Effective for hanging from mobile layer units as they hang and are always level.
Stand on the litter for chicks however adjust height to the level of the birds back as they grow.
The maximum water pressure is a water head of 3m or 10 ft. Connect to mains using a water pressure regulator MPR-6003.

Plasson Bell Drinkers for farmers on Bellsouth YouTube

Plasson Bell Drinker information brochure

Plasson Bell Drinker parts

Plasson Bell Drinker exploded view exploded view

PlassonB drinker

PlassonB bell drinker

Saddle connectors 2100030 or 2100050 are options for connection to water supply pipe for multiple installations.

Saddle Connectors

Saddle Connectors


See Plasson B bell drinker