Poultry Clubs Australia

Poultry Clubs of Australia

Poultry Clubs in Australia are groups of poultry enthusiasts who meet regularly to talk all things chook. Poultry people range from backyarders to breeders. Clubs are involved with sharing poultry knowledge with members, including rearing and breeding tips, competing and running poultry shows and other similar events.

Poultry Club membership comes in different forms and brings its own benefits such as meeting like minded poultry folk, and shared experiences in the form of newsletters, group emails, invites to events and informative talks or seminars.

Clubs may be national, state based, breed based or a local poultry club! Club directories are also found in the Australasian Poultry magazine.

Share your passion for poultry and check out your local poultry club to find out more…

Poultry Clubs of Australia

Belgian Bantam Club of Australia Inc is an Australia wide specialist poultry club. There are three varieties of Belgian bantams in Australia, the Barbu d’Anvers (Bearded Antwerp), the Barbu d’Uccle (Bearded Uccle) and the Barbu de Watermael (Bearded Watermael). These long established true bantams have no large counterparts.

Our motto: We are a progressive Club which is always a step ahead but always behind you.

Belgian Bantam Club of Australia Inc website or find us on Facebook

Central Highlands Feather Club is based in Emerald Qld and we are passionate about breeding, education and encouraging new and junior exhibitors.

Find the Central Highlands Feather Club website or on Facebook

Warragul Poultry Club for poultry breeding and showing.  A club assisting poultry enthusiasts at all levels. Conducting shows and sales. Held in the poultry pavilion at the Waqrragul showgrounds, enter via Gallaway St.

Find the Warragul Poultry Club website or on Facebook

Rhode Island Club of Australia Northern Branch

Specialist Club for Rhode Island Reds and Whites, Single and Rosecomb, large and Bantam. New and junior members welcome.

Find the Rhode Island Club of Australia Northern Branch on Facebook

Grafton District Poultry Club

The Grafton District Poultry Club is looking to expand  its ranks into the next generation and encourage people of all ages to become poultry lovers, breeders and show birds.