Farm Start Up

egg farming basics

Egg Farm Start Up – Quicklinks Checklist

Get started on the basics!

Below is a helpful overview of information for your egg farm start up. This list may cause more questions than answers however you will be able to ask informed questions!

Farm start ups can be easily assisted with timely information, get things right from the start!

Benefit from others experiences and knowledge whilst avoiding potential problems; learn Layer behaviours from the Layer Signals book which is a great help. Egg Signals is also available.


Roll away nests assist in reducing costs by keeping your eggs clean and reducing a need for an egg washer. Buy the Avio nest or 10 hole rollaway and add to your own trailer, shed or mobile setup.

Rollaway Nests

SKA Rollaway Nest for 50 layers

Avio Colony Nests and accessories

The Avio has two manual counterweights for exclusion opening and closing, the collector is visible on the pictures for the product and is pulled by the operator, it is not under tension, has no rollers, but works for many people throughout Australia.

As the Avio nests are suitable for up to 250 layers per Avio, then joining Avios (in a row) or grouping in your paddock will work for your numbers of layers i.e. 2 Avio for 500 layers, 3 Avio for 750 layers,  and so on.

The eco collector (manual hand pulling egg belt) is the common egg collection point or the ‘captain’s wheel’ to wind egg belt where there are more than two Avio nests in row.

Egg Printing

Egg printing is mandatory, hand stamping is also a popular approach.

Hand or Manual Egg Stamping

Egg equipment

Quick and easy egg handling tools

Egg Washing Solution

Bellsouth has also designed an egg wash liquid solution specifically for the Sanitouch system.

• Brush based egg washers generally use the Quat based liquid Eggceptional-Q or
• For other egg washers use the chlorine based Eggceptional egg wash powder.

Please consider purchasing Quat and Chlorine strips if purchasing egg washing product for the first time.