Poultry products online to you. Bellsouth is a quality, trusted Australian business who deal exclusively in poultry equipment.

We are a dedicated team of people ready to answer your emails, take calls and pack your goods. Daily, we assist people with poultry matters. Bellsouth proudly sponsors Australian Poultry Clubs and we take the time to attend shows and field days.. We don’t deal in second hand or poor quality imitations of anything, we only carry the best quality equipment available on the market for you.

We are not a farm and therefore not distracted by other farm concerns, poultry equipment is not our side business nor a part-time concern. We will not sell you equipment that has been exposed to a farm or threaten your biosecurity measures by mailing from one. Our equipment is brand new and clean direct from the supplier. Our sole focus is having poultry equipment in our warehouse and despatching goods on hand, as quickly as possible or ordering equipment that we are agents for.

Bellsouth has been around for over 30 years in Australia. We are not ‘fly by night’, or off shore and are an Australian business employing Aussies. When you shop with Bellsouth you can rely on our experience and service!