Bellsouth sponsorship points

Bellsouth sponsorship points – Terms and Conditions

Dear Poultry Clubs of Australia

Bellsouth is introducing a sponsorship points program for Aussie Poultry Clubs. We want to reward your loyalty.

If you are the Secretary or President of an Australian Poultry Club, nominate your poultry club now! Bellsouth are offering Sponsorship Points for the 2018-2019 financial year. Each poultry club may only be registered once (registration form on next page) and points collation can start immediately.

Once registered, points are gained by your members naming your registered club when they make a purchase with Bellsouth (verbally by phone, mentioned by email or in the comments of an online eshop purchase). Sponsorship is decided on a case by case situation and does depend on our budget, relationship and available stock. Of course, the more points you club has, the more likely you are to be sponsored.

Every $10 spent at Bellsouth, will earn a Sponsorship point which will determine your sponsorship level. When the Club submit a request for sponsorship for the annual show or poultry club event. The more points collated, the more sponsorship is enabled for your poultry club annual show or event. Once the points are used for an event/show, you can start collecting again. Its our hope you will encourage members to purchase from Bellsouth, mention your Club so you can accrue points. Sponsorship supplied to Poultry Clubs is only in the form of Bellsouth poultry equipment (goods we sell and postage, not cash or any other payment).

Download the form on step 2 below for more information.

To summarise:

  1. Once you have read this page of Terms and Conditions you are ready for Step 2
  2. Your next step is to download and fill in this registration slip Bellsouth Sponsorship points registration_print
  3. Send your proof of links and registration form to or mail to Bellsouth, Sponsorship Points PO Box 1233 Narre Warren VIC 3805
  4. Fill in the registration form about your club if you wish to be listed on our new poultry club page!

Happy poultry events!