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quality chicks

The quality of the chick is only as good as the quality of the egg!

Incubation and eggs for hatching We are talking about incubation, where the quality of the chick is only as good as the quality of the egg from which it is hatched. A common fallacy is that all eggs have the same nutritional value. Not all eggs have the same ability to produce healthy strong chicks. This is especially true of fowls fed commercial “least cost formulations” and are designed to give sufficient protein, energy, vitamins and minerals to produce maximum [...]


National Poultry Newspaper

National Poultry Newspaper There is a new National Poultry Newspaper available now! See the entire paper here first by selecting the picture link above. This free National Poultry Newspaper (NPN) is a monthly publication and distributed Australia-wide to poultry producers and industry members. An electronic flipbook version of NPN will also be emailed to over 1200 subscribers each month and the publication will be available to view on the website The current headlines include information regarding Poultry Information Exchange (PIX) on the Gold Coast in early June, [...]