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If you are a poultry farmer, or have an interest in poultry, then this is of particular importance, given the recent release of the proposed Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines. The public consultation papers include a draft standard which marks a significant step in Australia, moving from the existing voluntary system to national regulation. The ABC news is reporting that the RSPCA is encouraging its supporters to oppose the proposal. Good animal husbandry and practice is based on facts [...]


Poultry Drinkers and Water Pressure

The other day I whilst setting up a trial for one of the many drinker systems we try out before selling, some make it some do not! Having set up the system, (it’s a nipple system with its own pressure regulator) hung it up and connected it all up….I turned on the tap. Water spurted out of the breathers…”this ain’t meant to happen”. So I think the manufacturer has sold us a lemon. Before saying such to the manufacturer, “Perhaps [...]